This is one of those moments when I start crying for no reason.. It’s moments like these when I am weighed down by unhappiness…
On a little introspecting I realised that there is a reason behind such utterly sad moments.. It’s because I miss my grandma.. I miss her so very much … I would do anything to see her again, talk to her… N mostly hug her .. I would hug her and never let her go…
Dadiji.. I hope you are super happy n healthy wherever you are… Your favourite grandkid misses you so much…



I was going through random tweets on twitter when I came across one that went a little something like this “never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting” … As I read this tweet the first person to cross my mind was my grandma … She was an absolutely amazing person and the best grandmom ever ! I was her favorite kid 🙂 I love her more than words can express.. She was funny…strong..sweet.. caring.. loving, brave and so much more… I miss her laugh..I miss her hugs.. I miss lying down with my head in her lap and just babbling on and on about random things ..I miss how she would find me watching tv at night and ask me to go to sleep .. I hate the fact that I don’t think about her as often as I should. … Start to think about her and the floodgates open up .. But she’s always there in my subconscious..even though we don’t talk about her much(too painful)

I miss you so much dadiji.. I hope you are happy and healthy wherever you are…

Sweet and lime

I wrote a poem…well.. a prose of rhyming sentences..

Its been a long time

or maybe it was just yesterday..

left me with memories

sweet and lime

began this journey

with expectations soaring high..

made some friends for life

never really had that awkward hi

secrets were revealed

new ones were made

did some really crazy things in the “good old days”

never missed an opportunity for headbanging!

laughed like hyenas at every silly thing

cheered each other through thick and thin

poked fun at each other

always stuck together

our “go to hell’s”meant

tu chal, im right behind..

the ttyl’s were really just getting back to conversations after 5 mins

we goofed around with our antics

even earned rs 10 that 1 time

calmed each other during exam time

laughed at each others’ 2 on 9

now the 3 years have gone by..

flown by..

college really was “all that” n more..

im glad i made some friends for life…

28th October,2011


This was it. The day I had probably waited for my entire life was here. The gods of metal-METALLICA (oh it was too good to be true!) were to finally enthrall their die-hard fans in India.

I had spent the previous evening just fretting over my look for “the day” finally settling on my Metallica shirt (the not so faded one), a pair of jet black jeans and my forever dependable pair of black high tops.

At 10 am I along with my equally crazy metal head brother boarded the metro to Gurgaon and I couldn’t help grinning like a maniac every time I spotted a person wearing a Metallica shirt in the metro. My alter ego, Sherlock Holmes told me that they were probably headed for the concert too.

We reached the venue and it was already jam packed. It was barely 11 and the concert was to start at 4 but we all wanted to be in the first row so that James could call us up on the stage and ask us to sing with him or play the guitar or..(here I go with my imagination again) .Anyway, as time flew by, the crowd got more and more impatient. I couldn’t feel my right leg as it had gone numb after the 54th person (exaggeration much?) had stomped on it. Time was ticking. It was 4 pm and the guards weren’t showing any signs of opening the barricades. But that was okay. I along with the other die-hard fans just crooned our favorite Metallica songs, acted crazy for the shutterbugs and soaked in the atmosphere.

When the barricades were finally opened everybody went mental. I ran as if the devil was hot on my tail. And the hard work (what can I say. I rarely jog. Forget running) paid off and there I was in the 3rd row (was I excited or was I excited). So I and my brother just talked about how awesome the concert was going to be. We even made a pact that if one of us gets called up on the stage he/she will ask James to call the other one too!

Little did we know that things will pan out the way they did that day.

We waited and waited. Observing the crowd did help kill time. There was this tiny toddler sporting a Mohawk and wearing a Metallica shirt! But looking at a lot of bored and doubtful faces gets old pretty fast.

Honestly, where were the opening acts?

The crowd was hungry, tired and exasperated, so calling us ‘dipshits’ wasn’t the best move on the Metallica crew members’ part. It was now 7 and the stage looked pathetic and bare.

Then suddenly a couple of crew members appeared and started packing up their instruments. I remember telling my brother, “They are just packing their instruments so that the opening act can set up theirs”. Boy was I wrong. Another person came up on the stage and said and I quote, “Aaj concert nahi hoga. Kal aa jana.” Whoa!  Rewind and pause. Did the weird man with the weird red hair just say what I think he did?

The crowd went berserk at this. Somewhere it was justifiable. Just take my case for example. I had waited 20 years and 7 hours just to be told that this concert was being cancelled. And to add insult to the injury the angrez crew member had to come out and say, “If you behave like this we won’t have the concert even tomorrow”. We had shelled out an insane amount just to see our favorite band perform live and such were the remarks thrown our way. I was in my “I can’t believe this is happening” mode and was standing there mouth agape. We were pushed towards the exit like cattle and I and my brother made our way back home.

It was such a massive let-down. But when we reached home, we saw that mom had prepared the yummiest chocolate cake for her sobbing kids. She calmed us down, made us laugh and all in all turned our sad faces into happy smiling ones.

I still have the ticket with me and am hopeful that I’ll get to see them perform someday.

Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it

~Irving Berling

And I choose to take everything in my stride and stay optimistic and ever excited.