Sweet and lime

I wrote a poem.(if you could call it that)…well a prose of rhyming sentences(whats that called anyway)….

Getting back to the issue at hand..well I wrote THIS as an ode to the three years of college(Undergrad),my friends and the memorable experiences I had along the way

Its been a long time

or maybe it was just yesterday..

left me with memories

sweet and lime

began this journey

with expectations soaring high..

made some friends for life

never really had that awkward hi

secrets were revealed

new ones were made

did some really crazy things in the “good old days”

never missed an opportunity for headbanging!

laughed like hyenas at every silly thing

cheered each other through thick and thin

poked fun at each other

always stuck together

our “go to hell’s”meant

tu chal, im right behind..

the ttyl’s were really just getting back to conversations after 5 mins

we goofed around with our antics

even earned rs 10 that 1 time

calmed each other during exam time

laughed at each others’ 2 on 9

now the 3 years have gone by..

flown by..

college really was “all that” n more..

im glad i made some friends for life…


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